Welcome to Fly-by-Night Photography

The  emphasis here is travel and street photography.  Most of the time.  Some galleries pursue some more artfull ideas, and are organized around themes. For a quick drive-by view, there's the Nifty 50.


Power for a thirsty city, pump at the Boston Water Works.

New York--the state

 Then there's the rest of the Empire State, where we roughly trace the route of the Erie Canal from Troy to Buffalo, plus Pennsy and Ohio. 

Off the Wall

 Art has gone outdoors, entire buildings have become billboards for art, high, low and in between. Many new images from New York City (and more!).

The Nifty 50

 The site has become, well, something of a monster. So we've created a new gallery, highlighting some of the best. Ladies and gentlemen, The Nifty Fifty.


Why this

It was not a thought that popped into my head, like that cartoon lightbulb--ta-ta! It was a process over a period of time that finally got me to thinking, what am I looking at? What do I see every day? What is it that catches my attention? In that blur that parades before my vision every day, what am I really seeing?

 So after many years, I bought one of those newfangled digital cameras and gradually began taking pictures, more pictures, and still more pictures.

 It's training the brain to look through the blur. And now it's sharing some of those moments that were caught by the camera's sensor.

 If you see something you like, remember that images are for sale. Please use the form on the contact page to inquire about prices. Images are available as high rez TIFF file uploads or as museum quality prints, unmounted, up to 13" by 19".

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